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Jazzy D's Soul Notes

The philosophy of funky grooves and texts.

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DJ Jazzy D
15 May
Market Researcher,Mystery Shopper,,Blogger,Online record dealer,Vinyl and laptop DJ.

I am a weird music fan of long standing and enjoy a strange mix of music from the avant-garde to kitsch and oddball stuff plus the more funkier and jazzier side of music as well as Latin,salsa and soul. I love French art films, science fiction films, and oddball experimental films.I read voraciously esp. books on philosophy,science, art and architecture, history, cosmology ,folklore and ethnography and the odd occasional cult novels, fanfic.

Years ago i use to DJ at various pubs and bars in Brighton particularly the Northern Lights and the Druids Arms.

Donations to my site can be sent to my Pay Pal account -

Also, due to the lack of money sometimes you can also donate at GoFundMe , see my wish_list entry.


This info updated 21/05/2015

Above us to-day hangs a danger never yet paralleled in history. We suppress the individual in more and more ways. We think in terms of the herd. War no longer kills soldiers; it kills all indiscriminately. Every new measure of the most democratic and autocratic governments is Communistic in essence. It is always restriction. We are all treated as imbecile children.
--Aleister Crowley

acid mothers temple, acid-folk, alan hovhaness, alan lomax, alfred jarry, andrea dworkin, andrew cyrille, andy votel, angela carter, avant jazz, avant-folk, avant-garde music, baudrillard, bbc radiophoic workshop, bob cobbing, cats, clock towers, cosmology, dada, deconstruction, dennis potter, don cherry, dr.who, dub, early music, edward gorey, electronica, ennio morricone, erik satie, existentialism, experimental films, feminism, fluxus, francois truffaut, frank zappa, french yeye, funky soul, g.w hegel, gender politics, georges perec, germaine greer, gertrude stein, giacinto scelsi, gilbert & george, glenn gould, godspeed you blackemperor, graphic books, harry partch, harry smith, hauntology, immanuel kant, improv, impulse, ivor cutler, jacques derida, jandek, jap noise, jazz, john cage, john lurie, john zorn, jorge-luis borges, joseph cornell, joseph mitchell, karl marx, karlheinz stockhausen, keiji haino, kurt schwitters, lol coxhill, low, man ray, marcel duchamp, mark rothko, max ernst, michel foucault, milford graves, minimalism, moondog, mythology, nakedness, nihilism, no wave, nudity, nurse with wound, oddball music, old blues, old blues and folk, old soul, outsider music, pagan, paul bowles, paul klee, philosophy, piet mondrian, plunderphonics, poetry, pop-culture, post-modernism, psychodelic-soul, raymond queneau, real ale, recycling, reggae, rereleases, resonancefm, richard brautigan, richard meltzer, robert ashley, robert crumb, robert wyatt, ron geesin, salvador dali, science fiction, science fiction novels, scott walker, sex, shindig, shindig magazine, shirley collins, slavoj zizek, small press stuff, socialism, soft machine, sound poetry, stan brakhage, steve reich, stevie smith, street art, structuralism, studs turkel, surrealism, the guardian, the sound projector, thrifted 45s, tom lehrer, tom phillips, tom waits, tortoise, trevor wishart, turtableism, walter benjamin, wiccan, wine

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