reflective mood

In Canterbury

Enjoying my day in Canterbury. Coffee shop visit done , then a charity shop and next will be a supermarket visit followed by a food and drink visit at 'Spoons.

I passed Waterstones but felt drawn into the bookshop.I managed to resist the temptation this time. I did find that a new vinyl store had opened in the city , and yes,it is all new vinyl of current releases and reissues.

Pictures later.
reflective mood

Legends,Flash, Justice League,Luke Cage

A dull and overcast day and it did try to rain for awhile. I am taking the day off as i have moved one visit to Tuesday so that i can do four visits in Canterbury tomorrow.

There is a new seasons of Legends Of Tomorrow and i watched the first two episodes of the second series last night along with the latest episode of The Flash. The second episode of Legends ,which takes them to 1942 to stop a nuclear bomb from destroying New York. It also introduced us the The Justice League Of America (or JSA) , another DC Comics bunch of superheroes, and guess who helped the Nazis to gain the bomb was none other than Damien Dark - nemesis of The Arrow.

Both excellent shows by the why.

Now that Shush TV's website has the first season of Luke Cage - whom first appeared in the other Marvel Netflix series Jessica Jones, i am wondering is it worth watching?