Real Ale fiend

The Friday Five

If you could be listening to anything right now (not limited to music), what would you love to be listening to?

What are the three prettiest words to you?

What always cheers you up?

What would be your perfect ice cream sundae?

What did you love most about the place you grew up? What about it did you love the least?
reflective mood

Busy Day

Another busy day here - a covert supermarket shop in Sittingbourne done this morning and then a charity shop visit over at Paddock Wood and later tonight a food and drink visit in Gravesend.
Real Ale fiend

Lunch Club Brighton

Today was the monthly lunch club in Brighton. Phil picked me up at ten this morning and we arrived about fifteen minutes before midday. We started at The Evenig Star pub before walking down to  Cafe Rouge.

Phil tried the excellent Winter Solstice

I lneckd down a dark chocolate stout. Delicious rich flavours to it.

At Cafe Rouge everyone had steak of some sort. I , with my bro, had the succulent and very juicy 7 oz. fillet done medium rare.We had nibbles to start with , two bottles of the house red, and then a cheese board with coffee afterwards.

Inside Cafe Rouge - tippy tapping on mobile devices except for Graeme.

Outside Cafe Rouge - after the meal - taken by my brother. Yep,Mike gave me four books hence the blue bag.

We then finished at The Mesmerist across the road from Cafe Rouge and had Talisker whiskies.

A very enjoyable day!
Real Ale fiend

High Brooms Visit

I went over to High Brooms end of Tunbridge Wells today. Another info gathering covert shop.

Very crisp day with the early morning being below zero C and dry stillness to the air.

Two companies paid me today - React and Market Force.Three figure summation.

Tomorrow being picked up by Phil and we are heading to Brighton for the lunch club - YAY!